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Apr 1 - Brenda Cuington
Apr 5 - Tanya Carter
Apr 11 - Lisa Nalls
Apr 18 - Simone McIntosh
Apr 30 - Lisa Patterson

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We would like to take this opportunity to WELCOME you to this website featuring Mesquite Home Childcare Association (MHCA).

This non-profit association is comprised of a diverse group of licensed, listed, and registered home childcare providers, as well as, the employees of licensed and registered providers.

The goals of this association include:

  • Education: to develop educational programs which will train childcare providers to ensure a safe, nurturing, creative and wholesome environment for children.
  • Support: to provide support in a way of information, guidance, and understanding for childcare providers.
  • Resource: to act as a source of information for children and parents, as well as, care for providers and to the communities they serve.
  • Community Relations: to educate the public of the need for quality childcare and to provide resources for finding such information.
  • Legislative: to participate with policy-making bodies (city, state, and federal) in working for laws most conducive to quality care.
  • Research: to participate in research and related activities designed to improve childcare.

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Upcoming Events

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

April 21-25, 2014 is Celebrate Every Kid Healthy Week - Help Every Kid Healthy promote sound nutrition, , regular physical activity, daily physical education, and health-promoting school program

April Training TOPIC: Curriculum Development and You

Core Competency Area 3:  Learning Environments, Planning, Framework, Curriculum, and Standards

April 24, 2014 - 7:00 pm

Trainer: Tangela Jones, Trainer #1585 / Representative from Frog Street –Chris Abernathy

LaPrada Drive Church of Christ-- 2724 LaPrada Drive

Mesquite, TX 75150

Click here to download our registration form. OR

 Register for Training Online 

Questions: Tangela Jones 214.774.9133 or 517.775.8180

President's Message

  • Thank you for all the members who donated items and or for the Easter Baskets for Genesis House. We are still accepting items to put in the baskets. Please give me a call if you have a donation(s) towards this cause.
  • Thanks to all who participated in the contest to name our newsletter. Our Newsletter name has been picked!!!! Our first Newsletter will be published and distributed at our April Meeting. Our Newsletter name is MHCA Childcare Gazette and the winner is Ms. Belinda Price, Thanks Belinda!!!!
  • We have an opportunity to volunteer for the HERO RUN on May 10, 2014 being sponsored by Mesquite Parks and Recreation. If you are interested in volunteering and being on the MHCA Team for this great event please contact me at 517.775.8180.
  • We are in need of fundraising ideas for the Association. If you know of fundraisers we can do please bring the information on fundraiser to our next meeting.
  • Thanks For All You Do!!!